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4 Challenges of Teaching English And How to Overcome Them


Ask any English trainer — it’s extremely rewarding to teach English. There’s no greater feeling than watching your students’ language skills progress, and knowing that you’ve made a positive difference in their life. However, it is a complicated language, and almost every learner of English encounters some common roadblocks. If you’re feeling defeated by reviewing(…)

What To Know When Teaching Slang: A Guide for Language Teachers


Every language teacher has experienced it: students have loads of questions about the meanings of words and phrases they heard watching a movie or series, especially colloquial expressions or swear words. Understandably, some teachers are reluctant to teach slang, as they worry that it won’t truly help their students, or is inappropriate for the classroom.(…)

Language Teachers: What to Know When Teaching Private Classes


For language teachers, one-on-one classes provide a personal setting in which you can really get to know your student. As such, they can be extremely rewarding for both teachers and students alike. Still, they come with a unique set of challenges that can be difficult for teachers to navigate. If you’re worried about your upcoming(…)