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English Punctuation: The Complete Guide to Look More Professional at Work


It’s often assumed that all a student needs to master the English language is a good command of grammatical structure, excellent use of tenses, and a rich and varied vocabulary. However, there is a vital aspect of the English language that shouldn’t be disregarded —English punctuation. Punctuation helps readers understand clauses and sentences through visual(…)

Poor Punctuation, Shocking Spelling: Grammar Police Are Here


  One of the most rewarding things about being an English language teacher is when things go wrong. Not when an overenthusiastic twirl at the whiteboard results in losing grip of your pen and it ricocheting off of a student’s face. Not when the photocopier decides to eat your original copy and cover it in(…)

4 Challenges of Teaching English And How to Overcome Them


Ask any English trainer — it’s extremely rewarding to teach English. There’s no greater feeling than watching your students’ language skills progress, and knowing that you’ve made a positive difference in their life. However, it is a complicated language, and almost every learner of English encounters some common roadblocks. If you’re feeling defeated by reviewing(…)

Punctuation and its Personality: How Texting has Transformed Language


Punctuation is recognised as being a somewhat mundane feature of written language. It has its uses – it organises sentences in ways that make them more understandable – but it isn’t particularly exciting. Yet, technological advances have made it so that we communicate far more via written language than we have in the past, and(…)

The Most Unloved Marks in English


With communication so often in written form these days, there’s a lot of room for misinterpretation without the advantages of intonation, expression, and environment – but we’ve dug up some punctuation marks that could really help get that message across clearly. Love it or hate it, punctuation is a crucial part of language that has(…)