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Top Ways to Reduce the Physical Strain of Travel

Whether you’re a young person ready and eager to explore the world, or more of a late-bloomer on the travel front, there’s no denying that travelling takes a toll on the body. From the unhealthy habits of sleeping sporadically and downing junk food on the road to lifting heavy luggage and being exposed to the elements, travelling may invigorate your soul, but it sure can do physical harm as well.

Though the physical strain of travel may be challenging, this is no reason to park it at home. Rather, get up, get out, and go explore the world around you. After all, the life we live doesn’t last forever.

While you travel, here are a few ways to reduce the overall physical strain on your body:

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1. Use the appropriate luggage type

Maybe it’s more convenient to use a backpack filled to the brim with stuff, but if you suffer from back problems (or fear that you might one day), it’s best to leave the bag at home and opt for something with wheels and handles. Always try to consider the best possible luggage type for your travelling situation.

2. Pack light wherever possible

Yeah, we know that all those travel bloggers out there are always dressed to the nines on their sites and Instagrams. But, in reality, less is more when you’re travelling. Try to minimise the amount you bring as much as you can – remember, whatever you bring is what will stay with you for the entire extent of your trip. Be prepared to carry it for however long you’ll be on the road.

A great quick tip, too, is to realize that if you really need something, chances are you'll be able to find it wherever you are. Don't pack yourself to the brim when you can pick it up at the destination.

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3. Wear good walking shoes

More than anything, it’s so important to wear good walking shoes. In fact, it may be better to bring a few pairs with you, just in case. As with packing light, it might be a great idea to focus more on comfort rather than fashion (but, obviously, it’s great if you can find a way to do both!). The absolute worst way to ruin your travels is by wearing the wrong shoes early on – you’ll find yourself in pain and unable to walk, which could easily ruin your whole trip.

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4. Bring high-quality gear (such as clothing, a coat, socks, etc.)

Whenever you travel, it’s always a good idea to have a few necessities things with you – examples of these “necessaries” could include an umbrella, sunglasses, headphones, a travel journal, extra power packs for electronics, etc. But, it’s also a good idea to have high-quality clothing and gear with you. Instead of opting for cheaper products, consider getting name-brand, reliable gear (like coats, socks and shoes, cameras, etc.) that are known for their travel-friendliness. Getting the better brand up front could end up saving you money in the long run.

5. Consider getting a fitness tracker to monitor exercise, sleep, and food

While this option is less necessary than the others, it may be a good idea to acquire a fitness tracker to help you monitor your health while you’re busy travelling. These are great for monitoring steps and exercise, sleep, water intake, and even heart rate, so that you can adjust your travel lifestyle as you need.

What are your best travel tips? Please share with us in the comments!