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Top Ways to Reduce the Physical Strain of Travel


Whether you’re a young person ready and eager to explore the world, or more of a late-bloomer on the travel front, there’s no denying that travelling takes a toll on the body. From the unhealthy habits of sleeping sporadically and downing junk food on the road to lifting heavy luggage and being exposed to the(…)

Hit a Brick Wall? Give Your Language Learning a Boost with These 5 Tips


Brick walls. We’re all susceptible to them, especially when it comes to learning something completely new. Brick walls are very common in language learning, and can often have the detrimental effect of causing the student to give up in a fit of frustration. If you’ve been in a slump lately and aren’t quite sure how(…)

Write Simpler, Understand More


Jargon. Wordiness. Unnecessary flowery, or technical language can make any reader switch off about three words into any sentence. When you’re excluded by vocabulary that you have to work to figure out, the task of reading becomes tedious, boring; spare a thought, please, for language learners dealing with your clever words rather than plain speech.(…)

How To Learn Finnish – Or Any Language – Through Music


‘Pelasta mut!!!’ sings Aki Tykki of Happoradio, fixing you with a steely stare from beneath his pipo – cap, to you and me. This is the beautiful song Pelastaja which translates as ‘Saviour’, and this man, without a doubt, can save me, anytime. I digress. When I first decided to learn Finnish, because, hey, that’s(…)