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6 Places Where You Can Practice Your Russian


If you have an interest in learning Russian, then you’ll be pleased to hear you aren’t alone! Russian is a UN language, has some incredibly literary works that translations of just can’t do justice, and amongst other reasons people cite for learning this language, provides great work opportunities as well! But if you’re looking to(…)

Top Ways to Reduce the Physical Strain of Travel


Whether you’re a young person ready and eager to explore the world, or more of a late-bloomer on the travel front, there’s no denying that travelling takes a toll on the body. From the unhealthy habits of sleeping sporadically and downing junk food on the road to lifting heavy luggage and being exposed to the(…)

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Live in Spain Once


A hot Spanish sun beats down on crowded cobbled streets where bronzed women saunter casually along in 4-inch heels.  Small children kick a football around a plaza lined with cafes and bars that teem with customers—despite it being the middle of the day and the middle of the week—sipping cafés con leche (coffee with milk),(…)