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Txt Msgs and the Death of Grammar


Do you remember the days when mobile phones were just becoming popular and still weighed more than the average toddler? This was the time when grammar was still alive and kicking, and proper spelling was commonplace.   Explore our list of language courses in your city or online and take your linguistic skills to the(…)

Poor Punctuation, Shocking Spelling: Grammar Police Are Here


  One of the most rewarding things about being an English language teacher is when things go wrong. Not when an overenthusiastic twirl at the whiteboard results in losing grip of your pen and it ricocheting off of a student’s face. Not when the photocopier decides to eat your original copy and cover it in(…)

The Evolution Of Language, Innit?


As guardians of grammar, or the slightly more derogatory grammar police, it is our job to ensure language is maintained to the highest standards, adheres to all the rules, and stays the same it always has – innit? Like Charles Darwin’s theory of the evolution of the species, the evolution of language is all about(…)