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15 Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid in Spanish


No one can learn a new language without making a few mistakes. Of course, that doesn’t make you feel any better when your cheeks are burning with shame after saying something incredibly stupid. If you’re learning Spanish then here are a few awkward mistakes to avoid:   →Sign Up Now: Free Trial Spanish Lesson With(…)

Poor Punctuation, Shocking Spelling: Grammar Police Are Here


  One of the most rewarding things about being an English language teacher is when things go wrong. Not when an overenthusiastic twirl at the whiteboard results in losing grip of your pen and it ricocheting off of a student’s face. Not when the photocopier decides to eat your original copy and cover it in(…)

Famously Flammable or Infamously Inflammable? Is There Even a Difference?


I got seriously confused the day I discovered that flammable and inflammable mean the same thing. Why would you even invent a new word which means exactly the same as one which already exists? Even worse, why would you make it sound like the opposite? Maybe it is time to work out why this happened(…)

Badvertisements: Marketing Faux Pas


These days marketing is everywhere, it’s unavoidable, and we are being manipulated by subliminal tricks and product placements on a daily basis. But this growing epidemic is being met with disdain – which is why it’s so satisfying to find some examples where marketing has backfired on the marketers themselves! As demonstrated in our recent(…)

What to Do When You Make a Mistake in Your New Language


When you first start out learning a new language you will probably worry about making mistakes. It is only natural to want to avoid looking like an idiot by saying something excruciatingly foolish. The bad news is that you are going to be making a lot of mistakes and that some of them may be(…)