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Where Do People Even Speak Esperanto?


Esperanto is a language without a home. You can choose to look at that statement in any number of ways, however, whatever it is you are thinking is probably somewhere along the scale of that means it isn’t a real language to it’s enough for this restless warrior. Esperanto, however homeless a language it may(…)

Travel Tuesday: Get Lost in the Streets of Budapest


Szia! Welcome to the beautiful city of Budapest straddling the river Danube in the fascinating country that is Hungary. If you are looking for a perfect few days in a fascinating location that is ridiculously cheap, look no further than here. Got your forints? And your tram tickets? Then let’s go and see some of(…)

Could This be Hungary’s Greatest Invention?


  Fact: The Rubik’s cube is a Hungarian invention   When Erno Rubik first created the best-selling puzzle in history, he was not actually thinking about toys or making millions of dollars; rather, he was trying to solve a structural design conundrum: “How could the blocks move independently without falling apart?” This was his initial(…)

How to Have a Lucky New Year Around the World


Fact: In Italy, people will wear red underwear on New Year’s Day as a symbol of good luck for the upcoming year.    Red: the color of blood, the Devil, and witchcraft. Red was a color banned from being used in clothing until the Middle Ages, when people in Europe (and in particular in Italy)(…)