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3 Crazy Christmas Customs Around The World


Christmas is a magical time for most around the world – whether it’s sitting by the fireplace with the family, hanging up the stockings, or placing presents under the tree and waiting (impatiently) to open them. But there are certain traditions that don’t quite fit into the stereotypes we have of good, clean fun. Take(…)

Wine-Tasting Around the World (on a Budget!)


If one thing is adored across cultures, it is the undeniable delight of wine. Vineyards across the world devote themselves to producing the very best Sauvignon Blancs and Cabernets. But often times, the world of wine is also a world of prestige and privilege, and for those of us on a budget, steep prices are(…)

Our Top 10 Tourist Activities in France


While France might seem like a place full of charm and romance (and it is!) there’s so much more to it than most people realize. Visitors should definitely take note of both the most well known attractions (Eiffel Tower, I’m talking to you), as well as the stunning natural wonders of spots like Gorge du(…)

The 10 Best Drinks in France – Apart From Wine, Of Course!


Like their food, art, history, and language, the French are passionate about their drinks – of course, they have a long and successful tradition as far as wine is concerned, but look at any liquor cabinet and you’ll see mostly French imports. If you have ever been to France, or have dined with French friends,(…)

The Insider’s Guide to Clothing and Shoe Sizes in France


Have you ever noticed how the French seem to be snappy dressers? Seeing the Parisians stepping out in what appear to be their ‘Sunday Best’ just to go to work can really make you want to head to the nearest clothes shop and spend, spend, spend! When you get there, be sure to have the(…)

How to Get Married in France: the Legal Process


France is a country noted for its bureaucracy – a permit for this; a licence for that; certification for the other and all documents nicely rubber stamped! You need to prove pretty much everything when dealing with the State. Getting married in France is no exception so you need to be well organised with the(…)

7 Top Tips for Surviving a Traditional French Wedding


I attended a French conversation class for several years. During one of those classes, our teacher’s sister told us about her traditional Breton wedding. It involved a vast amount of singing, dancing and consuming vast quantities of food, wine (and Calvados from the neighbouring region of Normandy). She confessed that she ate and drank so(…)

10 Extreme French Cuisines: Food You (May) Want to Try


The French are well known for their culture of gastronomy and gourmet offerings, but there are a few traditional dishes which will make some visitors think twice before eating them – unless they’re on an episode of Fear Factor! Some of the following dishes grace the tables of fine dining establishments, some cause debate both(…)

4 Fantastic International Schools in France


When deciding to move your family to another country your children will naturally be one of your biggest concerns. Choosing schools can be hard enough in your home country and it’s even more difficult when you have to pick from local schools, international schools or even bilingual schools. If you do decide to send to(…)

Top 10 French Films: More Than Just Love and Lust on Screen!


When you think of French films you think of lust, love, romance, noir, drama, and passion, but you’d be wrong, there’s so much more… of all of the above! Actually, French films cover every genre, anyone who’s seen Amélie will know it for its whimsical style, and if you’ve seen Delicatessen you’ll recognise quirky horror,(…)