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Learn the Language and Learn the Fashion (Part I)

When you first start learning a new language you learn about the culture behind it almost by default. At first it might seem like the kind of culture you could never find yourself comfortable with but over time it should start to make more sense to you. One way in which this might manifest itself(…)

How to Look Like a Brainbox in Your Second Language (Part II)

Listen to Intelligent People I have a Spanish native speaking uncle whom I love listening to. He uses words which I have never even heard used before and I am sure that a lot of native speakers never use some of them either. I have picked up some excellent words off him but I have(…)

What is the Best Way for a Language Student Abroad to Get Around? (Part II)

A Taxi If you travel abroad to study or to immerse yourself in your second language they you are sure to hop in a taxi at some point. This is also a great way of getting in some practise and unlike on the Underground you will be expected to talk as well as listen. Taxi(…)

What is the Best Way for a Language Student Abroad to Get Around? (Part I)

When you travel to a country whose language you are learning you will be keen to practise as much as you can. If you choose the methods of transport you use wisely then you will get plenty of chances to do just that, so let’s take a look at some of your options. The Underground(…)