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8 Brazilian (Mis)Conceptions About the UK


The first time I travelled outside of Brazil, I was 23 and went to Newcastle, England, to take a course that would last one year. For us Brazilians, very little information about England is available. The difference between the UK, England and Great Britain results in endless confusion and more than a few mistakes. In(…)

6 German (Mis)Conceptions About the UK


So, what do the Germans think about Englishmen?   The UK might possibly be the nation that Germans have the most prejudices about. We either see the British as suit-wearing gentlemen with umbrellas and leather suitcases, or as beer drinking, violent hooligans. Looking at it from the other side, I assume that the British at least have just(…)

5 Misconceptions About the Spanish You Need to Forget


Stereotypes are everywhere, from the Frenchman with onions around his neck to the American without a passport. The Spanish are no exception and have their fair share of pre-conceived ideas to correct when visitors land on their shores. Here are a few things many people think about Spain and her citizens that turn out not(…)

Famously Flammable or Infamously Inflammable? Is There Even a Difference?


I got seriously confused the day I discovered that flammable and inflammable mean the same thing. Why would you even invent a new word which means exactly the same as one which already exists? Even worse, why would you make it sound like the opposite? Maybe it is time to work out why this happened(…)