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What’s On TV In Thailand – The Top 5 Shows On The Box


Living in the UK we’re heavily influenced by the television shows broadcast on our TVs, most of which are from Western perspective, but if you’ve ever spent time in hotel rooms around the world, you’ll know that tastes differ from country to country – and Thailand is a perfect example of that! Where we know(…)

6 Steps to Being the Perfect Guest at a Thai Wedding


A traditional in wedding in Thailand is steeped in rituals and has many elements that may seem strange to an outsider.  As a guest, you will likely only be expected to attend the parts later on in the day, although for couples and their immediate families the day begins much earlier!  Being able to speak(…)

5 Ways to Express Feelings: The Thai Way


Thai people are naturally very reserved in public, and often frown upon public displays of affection by foreigners.  Whilst it is becoming more common to see teenagers messing around, holding hands, and being affectionate towards each other, you are very unlikely to see this amongst the older generations.  Thais who have foreign partners may be(…)