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5 Top Danish TV Series to Learn Danish Without Really Trying


If you want to learn Danish but you’re not in the mood for studying old textbooks, there is a way out. Nowadays, streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO Max provide a lot of passive language learning thanks to their international catalogues. Passive learning refers to language acquisition that takes place through mere exposure, without repetition(…)

Badly Translated TV Show Titles Around the World


If there is one true thing that brings us all together, from whichever corner of the globe we reside in to whatever we do to fill our days, surely it is something that is noble, profound, the kind of thing that gets us up in the morning, puts a spring in our step, and shines(…)

What’s On TV In Thailand – The Top 5 Shows On The Box


Living in the UK we’re heavily influenced by the television shows broadcast on our TVs, most of which are from Western perspective, but if you’ve ever spent time in hotel rooms around the world, you’ll know that tastes differ from country to country – and Thailand is a perfect example of that! Where we know(…)

Is Homer Simpson The Modern Day Shakespeare?


The Simpsons, love it or hate it, you’ve no doubt heard of the animated TV show, and like it or not, you’ve probably used one of the many words or phrases attributed to the characters too – I’m in the fan category, so you can “eat my shorts”! The Simpsons first debuted way back in(…)