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The Rise of Welsh


Think of Wales, and you might think of stunning landscapes, Doctor Who and Torchwood being filmed in Cardiff, and a whole lot of rain. It’s ‘the other country’ people seem to forget when talking about the UK or Great Britain, the butt of some very poor taste jokes about sheep (you know the ones), and(…)

Welsh, Guess It’s Time To Brush Up


Bore da, prynhawn da, or noswaith dda (good morning, afternoon or evening, depending on when you are reading this!). Welcome to the wonderful world that is the Welsh language. Can you tell which word means good? Maybe we have been binge watching Lord Of The Rings and have become entranced by the Sindarin spoken by(…)

Welsh & Irish Languages: Still Relevant in Society Today?


The United Kingdom is a mixed bag of history, language and culture. Whilst English is the predominant language spoken throughout, there is a considerable wealth of different languages spoken that are both native to the land and part of our multicultural landscape. Many variations of Celtic languages are here and on our doorstep… but does(…)