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Recognising the Rosetta Stones of the Present


Preserving our languages is important, we think, since languages are our communication tools, as well as essential parts of our cultural heritage. Last time we talked about language preservation, and therefore deciphering, with the Rosetta Stone and its counterparts; look how important a scribble they turned out to be! So now, we would like to(…)

To Infinity and Beyond: Language in Space


According to the Ethnologue, there are some 7,099 living languages spoken across this world today. That is a fair old amount, isn’t it? And if those languages were evenly spread amongst speakers, that would be around 10,000 people conversing in each language – although we know that isn’t the case; we are just trying to put(…)

Welsh, Guess It’s Time To Brush Up


Bore da, prynhawn da, or noswaith dda (good morning, afternoon or evening, depending on when you are reading this!). Welcome to the wonderful world that is the Welsh language. Can you tell which word means good? Maybe we have been binge watching Lord Of The Rings and have become entranced by the Sindarin spoken by(…)