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Beach Reads: First Novels in Original Languages


In our final look at first novels in original languages, we’re imagining we’re on a beach somewhere in an exotic location. There is just enough shade so that we can read our books without the pages glaring up at us, and hopefully there’s a cocktail waiting for us just off to the side as well.(…)

Unearthing the Bookworms: First Novels in Original Languages


As language lovers it is pretty much a given that we are also huge fans of books. So it goes without saying that combining these two things make us very happy indeed; happier than Samwise Gamgee in a field of potatoes and anyone with a heartbeat in the presence of Jamie Fraser. Okay maybe not(…)

By the Book…Or the Kindle?


In an unofficial poll of seven friends at the pub recently, 6/7 respondents said they either feared or loathed Kindle and would never use one (let alone buy one) and the Kindle advocate was made to feel like a pariah – an awkward (and sometimes heated) debate happening across the world every day. Obviously this(…)