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The Politics of International Studying: Destinations of the Future


As we continue on from our last article where we discussed How Present-Day Politics May Affect International Language Studies, we understand that studying abroad is about more than getting an education. It is about broadening your horizons, experiencing new cultures, and often getting to grips with a second language. But with all of the political(…)

The US Election: What Happens Next?


A week later and people are still talking about the morning after the US election. Waking to a world where yet another Simpson’s prediction has come to life, this poem might very well be appropriate to how people are feeling post election. However, in a democratic country where the people get to choose their own(…)

Passwords and the Rise of the Machines


No matter where you live, what your age is, and what demographic you belong to, we all use passwords and codes every day. And with technology advancing the way it is, trying to remember them all is getting out of hand – but it’s that same technology that is going to solve the problem… hopefully!(…)