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Out with the Old, In with the New: Bye British English, ‘Ello Euro-English


Brexit has been blamed for all manner of things: changing trade routes, price increases, you name it. However, one of the latest things it stands accused of is the eventual dilution of the purity of the English language and the rise of something called Euro-English. Wait, what? Isn’t that just English? Well, sort of. It(…)

Serbian: The Language with the Two-Alphabet Identity Crisis


We recently decided to pay some overdue attention to languages that don’t necessarily fall under the popularity radar. This time it’s the turn of Serbian, and with it the controversy that’s currently striking the town of Vrbas, where part of the population want another language entirely to be made official. You can’t change your family(…)

A Language Chronicle of Albanian and the Land of the Eagles


It’s all very well being a champion of all things languages, but what’s the point in that if there are a vast amount of languages that we still manage to overlook? We’d like to rectify that, or at least, begin to. Let’s start with a look at Albanian, a language that might not sit high(…)

The Politics of International Studying: Destinations of the Future


As we continue on from our last article where we discussed How Present-Day Politics May Affect International Language Studies, we understand that studying abroad is about more than getting an education. It is about broadening your horizons, experiencing new cultures, and often getting to grips with a second language. But with all of the political(…)

Добре дошли в България: Welcome to Bulgaria!


Здравей! (hello!) It is time to head a little further south for this week’s Travel Tuesday to visit the beautiful capital city that is Sofia (Soh-fya). No, Alvaro Soler, we did not mean you; but if you want to serenade us whilst we travel Bulgaria, then by all means… Bulgaria, a Balkan nation with the(…)

Travel Tuesday: Get Lost in Lithuania


Lithuania is a Baltic State country, a former Soviet bloc nation that borders Poland, Latvia and Belarus (keep that in mind next time you are writing or participating in a pub quiz…) With the Euro as its currency and prices generally being a little lower than almost-neighbouring Riga, Capital city Vilnius is definitely somewhere that(…)

#TravelTuesday: Time to Go to Poland


Cześć! Or hej, if you will… If you are looking for somewhere to travel this summer and your budget constraints are cheap and cheerful, do not hesitate when considering visiting the beautiful country that is Poland. From the northern coastal town of Sopot to the ancient city of Krakow in the south, there is absolutely(…)

The Most Confusing Consonants in Europe


When you are learning a new language or even just travelling to a new country, you can find yourself wrapping your lips around tongue twisters that you never even expected. Letters are not necessarily pronounced the same abroad. Adventures in paella To illustrate that point, take the humble paella. To an English speaker who has(…)