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Guarani in Paraguay: An Indigenous Outlier


When you think of the languages of South America, it’s a fair bet that Portuguese and Spanish are the first ones most people will come up with. English, French, and Dutch might also get a mention owing to colonial history. But in addition to these, there are a wealth of indigenous languages spoken, some of which share(…)

The Geography and Diversity of Indigenous Languages Across the World


There are thought to be almost 7,000 living languages spoken across the planet today. Only 6% of that number have more than one million speakers each, accounting for around 94% of the world population—a vastly disproportionate number. So what about all these other languages that don’t top popularity lists or language-most-essential-to furthering-your-career ones? They might(…)

Mind Your Own Language – The Fall And Rise Of Maori Te Reo


Any rugby fans around the world will know of the Haka, royal watchers will have seen a Hongi, and most Brits will have heard the greeting Kia Ora (or drunk the juice of the same name) – and here in New Zealand (Aotearoa), we’re proud that the indigenous Māori language (Te Reo) is still going(…)