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Learn to Answer More Than Just Yes or No


Probably two of the first words you will learn in your new second language are the equivalents of “yes” and “no”. These are essential words for communicating in any tongue and among those which you will use most often. However, after a while you will realise that you need to know more words than this(…)

You Could Be Wasting Your Time!


There are many different ways to learn a foreign language and you should take the one which you feel most comfortable with. This means that we all learn differently but there are some common mistakes which many of us make and which only result in us wasting our time. Learning Weird Words I once worked(…)

Learn the Language and Learn the Fashion (Part I)

When you first start learning a new language you learn about the culture behind it almost by default. At first it might seem like the kind of culture you could never find yourself comfortable with but over time it should start to make more sense to you. One way in which this might manifest itself(…)

How to Look Like a Brainbox in Your Second Language (Part II)

Listen to Intelligent People I have a Spanish native speaking uncle whom I love listening to. He uses words which I have never even heard used before and I am sure that a lot of native speakers never use some of them either. I have picked up some excellent words off him but I have(…)