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5 Excellent Reasons to Learn Polish


Polish is often labelled as a very difficult language, and this can cause people to shy away from trying to learn it. But while Polish does present its fair share of challenges—a complex gender system, tricky spelling rules and tongue-twisting pronunciation—it is also a language that is well worth your time and effort.   According(…)

From Coffee Shop Corners: First Novels in Their Original Language


There is something very magical about slipping into a comfy chair in your favourite cafe with a coffee within your reach and a book open on your lap, ready for you to delve into. As we continue our look at first novels in original languages, perhaps we can let our minds wander and imagine those(…)

#TravelTuesday: Time to Go to Poland


Cześć! Or hej, if you will… If you are looking for somewhere to travel this summer and your budget constraints are cheap and cheerful, do not hesitate when considering visiting the beautiful country that is Poland. From the northern coastal town of Sopot to the ancient city of Krakow in the south, there is absolutely(…)