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15 Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid in Spanish


No one can learn a new language without making a few mistakes. Of course, that doesn’t make you feel any better when your cheeks are burning with shame after saying something incredibly stupid. If you’re learning Spanish then here are a few awkward mistakes to avoid:   →Sign Up Now: Free Trial Spanish Lesson With(…)

Deleted Words from the Dictionary in 2018


Every year there is a group of us who bemoan the new words that enter our dictionaries. There is always someone wailing about the desecration of the sanctity of the English language with phonology that doesn’t sit right on our tongues. So for those few complainers, here is a treat that is sure to cheer(…)

A Commercial Christmas: Here’s to Celebrating 200 Years of Bemoaning Capitalism


The complaint that Christmas has lost its meaning to consumerism, capitalism, and overindulgence is almost as much an annual tradition as the event itself; not that such complaints necessarily mean we won’t try to outdo ourselves year upon year, of course. But the nature of these complaints isn’t new, and neither is the language we(…)

Write Simpler, Understand More


Jargon. Wordiness. Unnecessary flowery, or technical language can make any reader switch off about three words into any sentence. When you’re excluded by vocabulary that you have to work to figure out, the task of reading becomes tedious, boring; spare a thought, please, for language learners dealing with your clever words rather than plain speech.(…)

5 Italian Words We Wish Were Translatable (But Aren’t)


Italian culture is probably one of the most admired in the world. After all, who doesn’t love a country with incredible food, gorgeous sights, and a lovely language? A lot of people learn Italian for the sheer beauty of it. This language sounds like music to the ears and the attraction factor of anyone speaking(…)

Unfortunate Product Names to the English Speaker’s Ear


Going around a local supermarket in another country can be a daunting experience. Where does the cheese live? What on earth does that product do? Why are there so many varieties of napkins (Spain and Italy: we’re looking at you)? But it doesn’t have to be daunting. It can be a lot of fun. It(…)

4 Words In English You Might Be Misusing


The English language, like any living language, is fluid. It changes to adapt to the needs of the speakers that use it – old words get thrown out, new ones get tossed in, and meanings get jumbled and confused. It can be frustrating for the language sticklers of the world when so many people misuse(…)

Obscure English Words That Need to Make a Comeback


One of the first things you learn when studying language, particularly in a socio-cultural context, is that it refuses to be static. It ebbs and flows like the tide, allowing new words to rest upon the sandy shore, and reclaiming old ones, pulling them back to the shadowy depths. It is remarkably dynamic. It adapts(…)