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Top Dialects of the Arabic Language


Arabic is a pluricentric language, which means that several different standard forms exist in various regions. In fact, different dialects of Arabic can be so distinct that speakers from each dialect can’t understand each other. With over 200 million native speakers in more than 20 different countries, Arabic has numerous dialects, each with its own(…)

How to be a Good Tourist in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is an interesting and unique tourist destination – some would call it one of the last frontiers for the tourism market. It’s not often explored by tourists, though you may find yourself in Saudi Arabia for business. While the kingdom is culturally rich, it may have a few pitfalls for those that are unfamiliar(…)

Everyday Words The English Language Has Stolen


English as we know it has only really existed since the 17th century (not to say it hasn’t been developing since around the 5th century as Old English).  Considered a Germanic language, with Scandinavian influences, the tongue has gone through quite the transition to reach the YOLO stages we’re currently experiencing.  English is a language(…)

6 of the Best Extreme Cuisines from Dubai


As far as the world goes, Dubai is a relative newcomer; despite some early mentions around 1095 CE it wasn’t formally recognised until 1833, but as the intersection between Europe, Asia, and Africa its cuisine influences are remarkable – and usually very tasty! Middle Eastern food has become a staple of Western dining over the(…)

Desert Deserts, Rock of Rocks & Other Arabic Tautologies!


Fact: Sahara is an Arabic word that literally means “desert” Sahara, in fact, does mean “desert” in Arabic. Thus, one might say that Sahara Desert actually translates to “Desert Desert.” Oh, the foolish people who named this one, right? Wrong. If that were the case, then Mississippi River, or “Big River River,” the Connecticut River,(…)