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New Year’s Eve Celebrations Around the World


New Year’s is just around the corner, putting an end to turkey and chocolate feast and probably putting an end to that glorious time off work. Yes, soon you will have to put on real clothes, not pyjama onesies and venture back out into the world. But before you do, there’s one last party to(…)

5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Scotland


Considering studying abroad? Scotland is a great choice, with outstanding universities that repeatedly rank in the world’s top 100. Edinburgh, St Andrews, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Stirling are each distinctive Scottish burghs that play host to historic and internationally-recognised universities; each offering a broad range of study programs. Of course Scotland is also much more(…)

Dae Ye Ken Yer Scots? Why Scottish Isn’t Always English


I love to see the look on the faces of foreign language speakers when they have recently arrived in Scotland. Of course, they go there thinking that their English lessons are going to make life easy for them. Right? Wrong. Apart from having a fairly impenetrable accent, we Scots also have a host of unique(…)