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7 Unmissable Argentine Films & How They Can Help You Learn Spanish


Argentine Spanish is unique in its grammar, accent and its large amount of slang known as lunfardo. One excellent way to get used to this different variety of Spanish, which the locals call castellano, is dive in to Argentina’s film culture. Take a look at our pick of top films from the dynamic country: El(…)

Bam Bam Brasil! The Top 6 Music Acts in Brazil Today


Brazil is the home of an astounding array of music, as was frequently explored during the World Cup of 2014. Some of the finest Brazilian musicians of all time were collected together on an exceptional album entitled ‘Sonzeira: Brasil Bam Bam Bam’, for which you’re strongly recommended to hunt bargain bins to pick up a(…)

Is Homer Simpson The Modern Day Shakespeare?


The Simpsons, love it or hate it, you’ve no doubt heard of the animated TV show, and like it or not, you’ve probably used one of the many words or phrases attributed to the characters too – I’m in the fan category, so you can “eat my shorts”! The Simpsons first debuted way back in(…)