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Immerse Yourself in these 5 Oscar-nominated Foreign Films


Oscar season is always an opportunity to discover new things to watch; especially those epic movies of the year that win despite not one member of the general public having seen them to determine whether they really are epic or not. As language lovers, we’d like to take a look at the Oscar nominees for(…)

7 Unmissable Argentine Films & How They Can Help You Learn Spanish


Argentine Spanish is unique in its grammar, accent and its large amount of slang known as lunfardo. One excellent way to get used to this different variety of Spanish, which the locals call castellano, is dive in to Argentina’s film culture. Take a look at our pick of top films from the dynamic country: El(…)

Top 10 French Films: More Than Just Love and Lust on Screen!


When you think of French films you think of lust, love, romance, noir, drama, and passion, but you’d be wrong, there’s so much more… of all of the above! Actually, French films cover every genre, anyone who’s seen Amélie will know it for its whimsical style, and if you’ve seen Delicatessen you’ll recognise quirky horror,(…)