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English Alternatives: The Most Common Second Languages to Learn


English might be the most popular second language for people around the world to learn, but it certainly isn’t the only one. And this makes sense, right? We live in a society where people are constantly moving, and that often means relocation for jobs, remote working, communication with overseas clients, etc. There is definitely more(…)

Music and Language: 10 Artists Who Inspire Language Learning


We might have mentioned this once or twice before, but we are big believers that listening to music is a great way to help you learn a language. Our message here today is twofold; first, to give you a few examples of non-English artists who might enhance your own language learning journey, and second, to(…)

Encouraging Second Languages in Schools: Part 2


There’s a joke that lurks around places like Reddit and Tumblr for language lovers, and it goes a bit like this: If you know three languages, you are trilingual. If you know two languages, you are bilingual. If you know one language, you are a native English speaker – variants on the joke tend to(…)

Encouraging Language Learning in Schools Around the World: Part 1


We all know that speaking more than one language is a plus in anyone’s life, for multiple reasons, right? And that whilst the responsibility for anything we learn should probably start in the home, the importance of language learning means that schools should play a hugely important role in encouraging students to learn an additional(…)

Learning a New Language? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes!


Learning a new language is an endeavour for the dedicated. It requires time, energy, and inevitably, resilience because it can be very easy for your motivation to wane. In the long run it’s worth it,  but what’s the point if you never make it to a stage where you can actually converse with anyone? It’s(…)

5 Ways Learning a Second Language Can Enhance Your Life


It’s no secret that learning a second language can be incredibly useful. Being bilingual grants you the opportunity to converse with people of varying backgrounds and cultures, but language learning can be enriching in more ways than one – check out these five ways learning a second (or a third, or a fourth) language can(…)

Which Language Should I Learn? Spanish vs German


There are pros and cons to learning any language, and every language comes with its own set of difficulties. Some require you to learn an entirely new alphabet (we’re looking at you, Russian; get back here, Mandarin), while others involve the baffling problem of being a little too similar to another language you already know, which can lead to(…)

The Phrases Foreigners Find Difficult


When you learn a foreign language the individual words are really the easy bit. Far more difficult are the phrases. This is where you need to roll a few words together and hope that it all makes sense. Sound easy? Take a look at these stinkers and you’ll see that it’s not so easy after(…)

What to Do When You Make a Mistake in Your New Language


When you first start out learning a new language you will probably worry about making mistakes. It is only natural to want to avoid looking like an idiot by saying something excruciatingly foolish. The bad news is that you are going to be making a lot of mistakes and that some of them may be(…)