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Hanukkah words and phrases


Hanukkah is here! Time to celebrate this festival of light and all the things that go with it; from menorah lighting to stuffing our faces with latkes. Though since we’re language people, what about some of the language surrounding this festive season? Here are some words and phrases associated with Hanukkah.     Kislev —(…)

Netflix at Christmas: how to use the festive season to practice a language


If you’re subscribed to Netflix you’ve probably been bombarded with Christmas things since about mid-September. You would be forgiven for being sick of the sight of tinsel already as a result! Though now the season is almost upon us, perhaps it’s time to put Netflix to good use. Especially if you’re learning languages since streaming(…)

4 must-watch films to help you learn Arabic


Films are an amazing resource for learning a language. In one sitting you get to hear all those tricky grammar points spoken out loud in a range of accents and dialects, all while expanding your vocabulary and hearing the perfect pronunciation. And with subtitles on screen if you’re new to using films as a language(…)

5 great films to help you learn English


Working hard learning English? Why not take a break that won’t leave you feeling guilty for not studying? Watching movies is a great way to learn a language! From hearing the perfect pronunciation to exposing yourself to a variety of accents, movies are an incredible learning tool. Pop the subtitles on, get your favorite snacks,(…)

5 great films to help you learn French

Learning French? There are many great movies that you can watch to improve your French skills. Click here to discover the best films to help you learn French!

Sometimes studying a language isn’t about mental gymnastics trying to figure out how a grammar rule works. Sometimes it’s about taking a step back and enjoying what you already know. What better way to check your understanding and give yourself a little pride for how much you’ve learned so far, than to watch a film(…)

5 awesome tips to learn Italian with music

Learning Italian? Why not help your studies with music? Click here to get the best tips for using music to learn Italian!

If learning languages didn’t come naturally to you growing up, it’s possible the thought of trying to now doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. But it can be! Out with stale textbooks and repeating phrases that you’ll never use, and instead find ways you enjoy learning. Like music, for example, which can be one(…)

Cultural Commentary: ‘Calcio’ and the Language of Italian Football


For those of us who love football, there is no irony in the phrase the beautiful game. It is an art form, a grass-pitched battle. For those who possibly love it a little too much, it is a flawless, romantic dance. The rest of us will look on such descriptions with anything from disdain to(…)

Lithuanian: the Origins of it All


If you’re already dreaming of summer holidays and are considering a little backpacking in Europe, a popular route to take through Eastern Europe thanks to cheap bus travel tends to be Tallinn-Vilnius-Riga. And though we hate to play favourites, there is much about Lithuania’s capital that has stolen our heart. So with that in mind,(…)