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Internet Language: A Language Blackhole


Since its release into public use on the 6th of August back in 1991, the internet has changed and moulded our way of living beyond anything its creator, Tim Berners-Lee, probably ever could have dared to imagine. Today, you can shop, date, and even bully, if trolling’s your thing, online, all from the comfort of(…)

5 Reasons Why English Isn’t as Hard as You Think


It’s not easy to learn a new language, and English is no exception. With a daunting list of prepositions and a complicated spelling system that gives endless grief even to native speakers, it’s no wonder that the English language poses a serious challenge to learners worldwide. But learning English isn’t all blood, sweat, and tears.(…)

Learn a Language, Gain a Culture: a Study of German and English


For those linguists out there, we would like to pose you a question. Does a language sound the way it does because of the culture in which it is spoken, or has the language shaped the culture? According to a recent Independent article, your view of the world changes depending on what language you speak.(…)

The 5 Most Difficult Things About Learning English


  Learning English is a tough game for the uninitiated; endless contradictions and exceptions to every rule, illogical phonetics, ambiguous sentence structure and a diverse etymology prove a great challenge for learners, especially for those from entirely unrelated linguistic groups. The quirks of the language can be both frustrating and amusing. Included here is merely(…)

Poor Punctuation, Shocking Spelling: Grammar Police Are Here


  One of the most rewarding things about being an English language teacher is when things go wrong. Not when an overenthusiastic twirl at the whiteboard results in losing grip of your pen and it ricocheting off of a student’s face. Not when the photocopier decides to eat your original copy and cover it in(…)

11 Tricky Words to Pronounce in English: When Language Leaves You Speechless


  English pronunciation is the language world’s Cirque du Soleil with the way it often twists and turns and ties your tongue in a knot. As native speakers of the glorious land mine that is the English language, please let us assure you: the pronunciation confuses us too. Dating profile of the letter c Imagine,(…)

The Most Confusing Consonants in Europe


When you are learning a new language or even just travelling to a new country, you can find yourself wrapping your lips around tongue twisters that you never even expected. Letters are not necessarily pronounced the same abroad. Adventures in paella To illustrate that point, take the humble paella. To an English speaker who has(…)

Student Gripes: Laments of the (English) Language Learner


“I don’t like your face!” Well, that’s never good to hear on any day of the week, but when you are mid-lesson, sat in a cafe across from a private student, it has the potential to stop you in your tracks. To put this into a context, the teacher had it coming. Talking about where(…)

English: More Than a Language – It’s a Business Tool


Idle chatter ceases around the board room as the guest speaker loads their powerpoint up onto the projector, clicking on the first slide of the slideshow. The lights dim and the blinds are drawn, the glow from the projector casting the only light around the attendees who are sat, poised, waiting. The guest speaker takes(…)