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4 Things to Consider When Travelling with Kids in Mexico


Mexico is a terrific place for everyone to travel to.  It offers fantastic beaches, historical sites, lots of culture, and numerous attractions for all.  Any travel with children presents different pleasures and challenges to solo travel or travelling in a group of adults. Here are 4 things to consider when travelling with kids in Mexico:(…)

9 Top Child-Friendly Places in Madrid


Madrid is widely known as being amongst one of the most child-friendly cities in the whole of Europe. Spain is celebrated for being welcoming to families, and its capital city embodies the wonderful Spanish attitude towards, and love of, children. As well as a wide selection of places to stay, usually offering equipment and facilities(…)

8 Foods for Kids in China!


Once your children have mastered the art of chopsticks (which they probably will do faster than you) your kids will love Chinese food – after all, what’s not to like? The food is easy to make at home, but most restaurants are very child-friendly in China, as the ‘children are to be seen not heard’(…)