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An Expat’s Guide to Raising Children in Germany


Germany constantly rates high on the scale of great places to raise children, with expats continually impressed by the emphasis on family and family values in the country.  Most cities have many activities for children and families, and it is not unusual to see mothers, fathers, and children all playing games, visiting museums, and eating(…)

10 Of The Best Child-Friendly Japanese Dishes


If your kids like rice, they’ll love Japan – in fact the word for meal in Japanese (gohan) actually means steamed rice, which reflects the importance of this simple grain in their diet. More importantly, their diet is the reason life expectancy in Japan is so long compared to Western cultures – unfortunately, outside food(…)

11 Top Child-Friendly Places in Paris


France’s cultural and romantic capital city is often thought of as being the domain of lovers and couples.  There are, however, plenty of places to take the children when visiting this captivating city. Some of the best places in Paris for children are: 1. The Eiffel Tower Even kids cannot help but be impressed by the(…)

8 Foods for Kids in China!


Once your children have mastered the art of chopsticks (which they probably will do faster than you) your kids will love Chinese food – after all, what’s not to like? The food is easy to make at home, but most restaurants are very child-friendly in China, as the ‘children are to be seen not heard’(…)

5 Top Child-Friendly Places in La Paz, Bolivia


At first sight there are few less child-friendly places on the planet than La Paz in Bolivia. For a start, this exhilarating city sits in a giant bowl at 3,650m above sea level. Altitude sickness, absurdly changeable weather, weird food, insane traffic and unfeasibly steep streets are among the child unfriendly things you are going(…)