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Everyday Words The English Language Has Stolen


English as we know it has only really existed since the 17th century (not to say it hasn’t been developing since around the 5th century as Old English).  Considered a Germanic language, with Scandinavian influences, the tongue has gone through quite the transition to reach the YOLO stages we’re currently experiencing.  English is a language(…)

The 13 Most Untranslatable Words – Voted by You!


Listen & Learn has had a long-standing obsession with those tricky foreign words that refuse to be translated. So, instead of the usual research one would do to find new ones, we decided to ask redditors for their opinions on the most difficult word in their native language to translate into English: 1. Lagom –(…)

The 6 Best Words in the World That Aren’t English


English is a language with many fantastic words in it, some of which we have looked at in the past. However, what about those amazing words that other languages boast? Here are some great foreign words for you to try out. 1. Schadenfreude – German The person who invented this world was an absolute genius.(…)

Selfie: The 2013 Word of the Year!


The Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year is highly anticipated, creates much discussion, demonstrates the inventiveness and evolution of language, and the influences of politics, social media, and culture on our vocabulary. So without further ado, the award goes to (drum roll) … ‘selfie’! Yes, ‘selfie’ – a picture taken of yourself by yourself,(…)

Adopt a Word! Foreign Words With No English Equivalent


As a New Zealander, there are many words in the Maori language, like Mana and Tapu, that don’t translate into English as they reflect concepts that aren’t apparent in a Western society – but Maori isn’t the only tongue that does not always compute! There are thousands of words and phrases from around the world(…)

Happy Birthday Crosswords!


This December will see the 100th anniversary of the first published crossword, and although there won’t be any parades, loud fanfare, or even much birthday cake, we’d like to pay homage to the world’s most popular word game right now, right here. The first known crossword puzzle was published in a Sunday newspaper called The(…)

Forgotten English Words: Time for a Comeback? (Part 2)


We looked a while back at some of the quaintest and weirdest English words which are no longer used, like the wonderful Groak and Hoddypeak. Well, there are plenty more to wonder about in addition to those. The following are some antiquated words which we really need to think about starting to use again: Snoutfair(…)