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Explaining “High German” and the Many Other German Variants


Sometimes us native English speakers forget that the variety we see in our own language is to be found in other languages as well. That is to say, for every American correcting a Brit on spelling, for example, there is a Brit looking down on what some see as the simplification of English by Americans,(…)

An Expat’s Guide to Raising Children in Germany


Germany constantly rates high on the scale of great places to raise children, with expats continually impressed by the emphasis on family and family values in the country.  Most cities have many activities for children and families, and it is not unusual to see mothers, fathers, and children all playing games, visiting museums, and eating(…)

An Expat’s Guide to Surviving Emergencies in Germany


Germany is a relatively safe country to visit, ranked 77th in world crime, making it statistically safer than the USA which is ranked 30th. It’s also ranked 79th in terms of violent crime in the world, which means if you keep general common sense and your wits about you while traveling in Germany, you should(…)

3 Crazy Christmas Customs Around The World


Christmas is a magical time for most around the world – whether it’s sitting by the fireplace with the family, hanging up the stockings, or placing presents under the tree and waiting (impatiently) to open them. But there are certain traditions that don’t quite fit into the stereotypes we have of good, clean fun. Take(…)

The 5 Best Activities for Tourists in Munich


Munich, or München to the locals, is the capital of Bavaria located on the river Isar and is a city rich in history and wonderful for travelling. Often bringing to mind beer tents and Oktoberfest, Munich has a lot more to offer. Here’s a list of just some of the interesting things you can do(…)

8 Not-to-be-Missed Places In Germany


Though Germany’s history is as well known as any nation’s on the planet, it’s easy to forget that as a unified nation it stretches back less than a century and a half. Thankfully there are many more important and curious landmarks and sites to visit than you might expect from such a relatively young country.(…)

5 Dramatic Events in Germany’s 2006 World Cup Stadiums


With the World Cup in Brazil just over a month away, football is on the minds of many a world traveller, and not just in South America. Germany hosted the World Cup in 2006 in 12 stadiums, or stadien, dotted around the country, and most saw their fair share of the high quality football and(…)

10 German Films You Need to Watch


When you think of Germany, you don’t automatically think of cinema, yet it has a long, prolific, and proud history of churning out millions of films, many of which have had international acclaim – and commercial success. Names like Maximilian Schell, Marlene Dietrich, Hans Zimmer, and Wim Wenders should be familiar to all film buffs,(…)

6 of Germany’s Strangest Foods


Now Germans aren’t renowned for their sense of humour, but some of their food is rather funny! Considering unusual cuisines are usually a result of either tradition or making the most of limited resources, I’m not sure how these delicacies came about, but we recommend learning some basic German to ensure you don’t accidently order(…)

Germany: Land of Beer, Sausage and… Gummy Bears?


Fact: Gummy bears were invented by a German. Most people would probably think that Gummy Bears are an American invention; it could be because of the 1980’s animated television series “Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears”. Perhaps, we link this candy to the United States because they are commonly used as toppings for frozen yogurt(…)