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10 Tips For Integrating Into Chinese Culture


Are you thinking about choosing an expat life in China and want to embrace the local customs? China is country full of history and rich culture with plenty for you to learn, but it isn’t necessarily the easiest to assimilate into. Many expats talk of the difficulties of integrating into life in China – not only is the(…)

8 Brazilian (Mis)Conceptions About the UK


The first time I travelled outside of Brazil, I was 23 and went to Newcastle, England, to take a course that would last one year. For us Brazilians, very little information about England is available. The difference between the UK, England and Great Britain results in endless confusion and more than a few mistakes. In(…)

How to be a Good Tourist in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is an interesting and unique tourist destination – some would call it one of the last frontiers for the tourism market. It’s not often explored by tourists, though you may find yourself in Saudi Arabia for business. While the kingdom is culturally rich, it may have a few pitfalls for those that are unfamiliar(…)

6 German (Mis)Conceptions About the UK


So, what do the Germans think about Englishmen?   The UK might possibly be the nation that Germans have the most prejudices about. We either see the British as suit-wearing gentlemen with umbrellas and leather suitcases, or as beer drinking, violent hooligans. Looking at it from the other side, I assume that the British at least have just(…)

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Traditional Spanish Weddings


Many people are surprised at how different they find some aspects of a traditional Spanish wedding. Weddings are a really big deal in Spain, and it is not uncommon for entire extended families, villages, and neighbourhoods to turn out to help a couple celebrate their big day. Here are some things that you may not(…)

6 Steps to Being the Perfect Guest at a Thai Wedding


A traditional in wedding in Thailand is steeped in rituals and has many elements that may seem strange to an outsider.  As a guest, you will likely only be expected to attend the parts later on in the day, although for couples and their immediate families the day begins much earlier!  Being able to speak(…)

5 Ways to Impress Your Spanish Boyfriend’s Parents


If you have got yourself a Spanish boyfriend then the language and cultural differences could be a big part of the initial charm in the relationship. However, when you first meet his parents you will want to do all you can to avoid cultural or linguistic issues and get straight onto the vital stage of(…)

15 Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid in Spanish


No one can learn a new language without making a few mistakes. Of course, that doesn’t make you feel any better when your cheeks are burning with shame after saying something incredibly stupid. If you’re learning Spanish then here are a few awkward mistakes to avoid: 1.     Mixing up your genders One of the most(…)

Blonde, Brainy, Brawny, Bizarre – Could You Describe Yourself in a Different Language?


As you start to learn a foreign language it is to be expected that you become able to say more and more things. However, here is a little test for you once you start to become more confident: could you describe yourself? It isn’t as easy as you might think, as my experiences learning Spanish(…)

When No Means…Yes?


Fact: Nodding in Bulgaria means “no” Imagine one of your most basic reactions – the nod – literally being turned on its head. For our entire lives, the nod has been a gesture that indicates agreement or acceptance; so much so that a study on the expression of emotions claimed that babies, when hungry, would(…)