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7 languages spoken in the UK besides English

You thought that English was the only language spoken in the UK? Think again! Click here to discover 7 languages soken in the UK besides English.

Come to the UK and you’ll be expecting to hear English, right? Well, you wouldn’t be wrong; almost 60 million people here speak English as both a first and second language! It’s probably not even a stretch of the imagination to think you might hear a little Welsh. But what other languages are to be(…)

5 great Netflix movie recommendations to help you learn French

Click here and discover 5 incredible Netflix shows and films to help you learn French

Ah, Netflix. You may be cancelling half the shows we love, or suggesting us things that show you really don’t know us at all. But you’re still our favourite place to go when we need something new to watch! Especially us language lovers; where else would we go for films and shows in our target(…)

Arabic: A Language with a Global Reach

When we think of languages that have a global reach, we’re probably biased enough to think first of English, and then of perhaps Mandarin, or Spanish. But another language that is always in top ten lists of most widely spoken languages yet gets neglected despite being spoken in numerous countries in the world is Arabic.(…)