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5 amazing tips to learn Arabic with music

Learning Arabic? Why not help your studies with music? Click here to get the best tips for using music to learn Arabic!

Looking for a new way to learn a language? Why not try music? Listening to music in your target language gives you pronunciation guides, colloquial language, and easily repeatable words and phrases; all in about three minutes! Don’t believe us? Well, let’s give you some guidance. Here are some great tips for using music to(…)

7 languages spoken in the UK besides English

You thought that English was the only language spoken in the UK? Think again! Click here to discover 7 languages soken in the UK besides English.

Come to the UK and you’ll be expecting to hear English, right? Well, you wouldn’t be wrong; almost 60 million people here speak English as both a first and second language! It’s probably not even a stretch of the imagination to think you might hear a little Welsh. But what other languages are to be(…)