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The 6 Strangest Japanese Eats & Drinks


Japan is well known for its wacky culinary choices, in particular the potentially lethal Fugu, a well-known fish delicacy. But the following 6 weird and wonderful dishes and drinks are so out there, they’re almost off the planet! 1. Shirako It sounds relatively benign, and its literal translation of ‘white children’ could mean anything, but(…)

8 Foods for Kids in China!


Once your children have mastered the art of chopsticks (which they probably will do faster than you) your kids will love Chinese food – after all, what’s not to like? The food is easy to make at home, but most restaurants are very child-friendly in China, as the ‘children are to be seen not heard’(…)

9 Mexican Foods To Make Your Kids Say ‘Ay, Caramba!’


If you’re planning on moving to Mexico your kids will love you – even more than they do now – because everywhere you go, you’ll find a fun filled festival of food! Mexico is home to Native Americans, Spanish, and Europeans, and they’ve all influenced the language, culture, and food to some extent – but(…)

8 Child-Friendly Dishes in Spain: Buen Provecho!


The Spanish are a passionate lot, and there aren’t many things more important than family, food, and football, so if you’re going to live in Spain, rest assured, it’s very child friendly – and foodie friendly too! With a strong culture of family and food, most restaurants welcome children, and have menus tailor-made for the(…)

10 Italian Dishes Kids Of All Ages Will Love!


  If you’re planning on living in Italy, take me with you! But seriously, if you have children, you can’t beat Italy for things to do, people to meet, sights to see, and of course, it’s foodie heaven for kids of all ages. There’s a lot to learn when living in Italy – like the(…)

Hungry? Food Names Gone Wrong!


If you have ever gone shopping in a foreign supermarket there is a good chance that you ended up giggling like a schoolgirl at some point. In some places they attempt to put product names into English while in others the local words are pretty funny to an English speaker. Here are a few different(…)