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The Most Confusing Consonants in Europe


When you are learning a new language or even just travelling to a new country, you can find yourself wrapping your lips around tongue twisters that you never even expected. Letters are not necessarily pronounced the same abroad. Adventures in paella To illustrate that point, take the humble paella. To an English speaker who has(…)

7 Great Child-Friendly Activities in Switzerland


Visiting another country can be an educational and exciting trip for children and adults alike.  When you’re traveling with your kids in Switzerland, you’ll find many great things to do, and fun, educational opportunities abound.   Take a look at our list of 7 great “must do” activities for you and your kids during your vacation(…)

An Expat’s Guide to Raising Children in Germany


Germany constantly rates high on the scale of great places to raise children, with expats continually impressed by the emphasis on family and family values in the country.  Most cities have many activities for children and families, and it is not unusual to see mothers, fathers, and children all playing games, visiting museums, and eating(…)

An Expat’s Guide to Surviving Emergencies in Germany


Germany is a relatively safe country to visit, ranked 77th in world crime, making it statistically safer than the USA which is ranked 30th. It’s also ranked 79th in terms of violent crime in the world, which means if you keep general common sense and your wits about you while traveling in Germany, you should(…)

3 Crazy Christmas Customs Around The World


Christmas is a magical time for most around the world – whether it’s sitting by the fireplace with the family, hanging up the stockings, or placing presents under the tree and waiting (impatiently) to open them. But there are certain traditions that don’t quite fit into the stereotypes we have of good, clean fun. Take(…)

6 German (Mis)Conceptions About the UK


So, what do the Germans think about Englishmen?   The UK might possibly be the nation that Germans have the most prejudices about. We either see the British as suit-wearing gentlemen with umbrellas and leather suitcases, or as beer drinking, violent hooligans. Looking at it from the other side, I assume that the British at least have just(…)

Which Language Should I Learn? Spanish vs German


There are pros and cons to learning any language, and every language comes with its own set of difficulties. Some require you to learn an entirely new alphabet (we’re looking at you, Russian; get back here, Mandarin), while others involve the baffling problem of being a little too similar to another language you already know, which can lead to(…)

The 5 Best Activities for Tourists in Munich


Munich, or München to the locals, is the capital of Bavaria located on the river Isar and is a city rich in history and wonderful for travelling. Often bringing to mind beer tents and Oktoberfest, Munich has a lot more to offer. Here’s a list of just some of the interesting things you can do(…)