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Movie Titles Lost in Translation


Fact: Superbad is called Supercool in Mexico, Argentina, and Peru.  It goes without saying that no one language translates word for word into another language and then back again without losing (or sometimes gaining) a new meaning along the way. This is true for Spanish, which shares a subject-verb-object word order with English. It is especially true for translations(…)

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Traditional Spanish Weddings


Many people are surprised at how different they find some aspects of a traditional Spanish wedding. Weddings are a really big deal in Spain, and it is not uncommon for entire extended families, villages, and neighbourhoods to turn out to help a couple celebrate their big day. Here are some things that you may not(…)

5 Unusual Ways to Learn Spanish Through Music


There are many fun ways to learn the Spanish language and some of them involve listening to music. If you want to improve your Spanish skills then here are a few unusual methods involving music: 1. Listen to the Translated Version of Your Favourite Songs You might not realise just how many songs have been(…)

9 Top Child-Friendly Places in Madrid


Madrid is widely known as being amongst one of the most child-friendly cities in the whole of Europe. Spain is celebrated for being welcoming to families, and its capital city embodies the wonderful Spanish attitude towards, and love of, children. As well as a wide selection of places to stay, usually offering equipment and facilities(…)

Juan vs. Antonio – 4 Hints for How to Name Your Spanish Kid


If you have a child while living in a foreign country there are quite a few practical matters to think about. Apart from issues such as their nationality and all the horrible paperwork you need to fill out, there is something even simpler; what are you going to call the little fellow? 1. Think of(…)

How to Have a Lucky New Year Around the World


Fact: In Italy, people will wear red underwear on New Year’s Day as a symbol of good luck for the upcoming year.    Red: the color of blood, the Devil, and witchcraft. Red was a color banned from being used in clothing until the Middle Ages, when people in Europe (and in particular in Italy)(…)

7 Films That Prove Spanish Hollywood Is Alive And Kicking


Spain is a complex country of religious and social diversity, passionate people, a long, historic political struggle, a varied and rich culture, and it has seen its fair share of horrors too – all of which are beautifully represented in many of the great Spanish films. Along with most of its Latin counterparts, Spanish language(…)

8 Child-Friendly Dishes in Spain: Buen Provecho!


The Spanish are a passionate lot, and there aren’t many things more important than family, food, and football, so if you’re going to live in Spain, rest assured, it’s very child friendly – and foodie friendly too! With a strong culture of family and food, most restaurants welcome children, and have menus tailor-made for the(…)

I’ll Have One Ray of Sunshine, Please!


Fact: A Spanish woman has claimed ownership of the sun There’s nothing better than getting your swimsuit on and heading down to the beach, or packing a basket and taking your family to the park, or setting up the barbeque in the back yard and enjoying the sweet, sweet rays of summer. But what if(…)