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How to be a Good Tourist in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is an interesting and unique tourist destination – some would call it one of the last frontiers for the tourism market. It’s not often explored by tourists, though you may find yourself in Saudi Arabia for business. While the kingdom is culturally rich, it may have a few pitfalls for those that are unfamiliar(…)

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Live in Spain Once


A hot Spanish sun beats down on crowded cobbled streets where bronzed women saunter casually along in 4-inch heels.  Small children kick a football around a plaza lined with cafes and bars that teem with customers—despite it being the middle of the day and the middle of the week—sipping cafés con leche (coffee with milk),(…)

Our Top 10 Tourist Activities in France


While France might seem like a place full of charm and romance (and it is!) there’s so much more to it than most people realize. Visitors should definitely take note of both the most well known attractions (Eiffel Tower, I’m talking to you), as well as the stunning natural wonders of spots like Gorge du(…)

5 of the Tastiest Places to Eat in Rome


When you think of Rome you think: Culture, beauty, and food. Italy is world renown for its delicious dishes and its amazing menus, so why wouldn’t we expect the best from its capital city? Price ranges in Rome start high and continue on up, so if you’re on a budget be a bit careful where(…)

What’s On TV In Thailand – The Top 5 Shows On The Box


Living in the UK we’re heavily influenced by the television shows broadcast on our TVs, most of which are from Western perspective, but if you’ve ever spent time in hotel rooms around the world, you’ll know that tastes differ from country to country – and Thailand is a perfect example of that! Where we know(…)

How to Eat, Drink, and Get Married in Spain


Obviously not all weddings are created equal, and if you head to one in Spain the food and traditions will vary according to region, religion, and of course resources, but the following is based on my own experience – and what an experience it was! Traditionally, Spanish weddings are quite different from its surrounding neighbours,(…)

5 Glorious Activities for Tourists in Greece


Yeah, yeah, everyone knows about the Acropolis, the Parthenon, Mount Arthos, and all the stuff that’s been around for millennia, but Greece is more than just a few old things! From shopping to swimming to scuba diving to sailing to eating to drinking to dancing there’s a plethora (derived from Greek) of eclectic (derived from(…)

Essential Items to Pack for Your Trip to China


China is such a large and diverse country with such variation that it would be difficult for me to tell you exactly what to pack. You might be in Shenzhen in the scorching summer sun, or Harbin during an ice cold winter. Naturally, the savvy traveller that you are, you’ll check the weather conditions for(…)